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Cadastral Surveys

TerraModus Vehicle in Field

TerraModus Vehicle in Field

Cadastral Survey Plan

Cadastral Survey Plan

TerraModus Surveying performs all types of cadastral surveys, in urban, rural and remote areas of Far North Queensland. A cadastral (land boundary) survey defines the limits of your block of land and defines the interests and sub-interests (such as easements, leases and covenants) in a piece of land. Survey pegs (or other survey marks) are placed to show the location of the property corners. Cadastral surveys are regulated by the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003 and its regulations and standards. Boundary surveys can only be performed by Cadastral Surveyors registered to do so with the Surveyors Board of Queensland to ensure the integrity of our land administration system (including your land boundaries) is maintained.

Boundary Identification Survey

A boundary identification survey is a type of cadastral survey that identifies where the property boundaries of an existing title are located. Existing fences do not necessarily represent your boundaries. Learn More →

Reconfiguration of a Lot / Subdivision Survey

Reconfiguration of a Lot encompasses land subdivisions, boundary realignments to create the same number of lots and lot amalgamations . Reconfiguring a lot usually requires planning approval from the local council. Learn More →

Building Format Subdivision (subdivisions in strata)

Building format subdivisions are subdivisions in strata where there are two or mote lots and common property created. Examples may include high rise buildings (residential and/or commercial), units, townhouses, duplexes, industrial warehouses, resorts and retirement villages.  Learn More →

Lease and Easement Surveys

Leases and Easements are common secondary interests in land, meaning a land owner allows another person to utilise part of their land (and/or building) for a certain purpose. Surveys are required to define these areas. Learn More →

State Land Surveys (i.e. Road Closure and Freeholding Surveys)

There are many reasons why you may be utilising or purchasing some State (government owned) land including permanently closing road or for conversion to freehold. Learn More →

We can also perform Volumetric Surveys, Covenant Surveys and Profit a Prendre Surveys.

Engineering Surveys

Detail Survey office reductions

Detail Survey office reductions

Surveying Total Station measures bearings and distances

Surveying Total Station measures bearings and distances

TerraModus Surveying performs all types of engineering surveys and our business is well qualified to provide quality and timely survey solutions in urban, rural and remote locations throughout the Cairns region and Far North Queensland.

Contour and Detail Survey

Contour and Detail Surveys show the shape, features and services of a piece of land and are usually performed for design purposes prior to construction. This survey will locate topographic features to generate contours over the site as well as any visible manmade structures,  natural features and services.  Learn More →

AHD Level Survey

Australian Height Datum (AHD) Level Surveys are performed to transfer an AHD level from a published known mark to a parcel of land. This type of survey is utilised to ensure buildings are built above certain flood levels as specified by Council.

As-Constructed Survey

An as-constructed survey locates all items constructed on a property and is usually performed to demonstrate the items have been constructed in accordance with the approved design. These surveys are performed soon after the construction is completed and are common for land developments, such as new estate subdivisions, to demonstrate the infrastructure constructed (like roads, water pipes, sewers) meet local government requirements.

Monitoring Survey

Monitoring surveys are used to detect movement, either horizontal and/or vertical movement. We can assist with all monitoring surveys such as monitoring wells where the top of the well casings are levelled from known published AHD marks. The well locations are measured and coordinates provided.

We also perform Control Surveys, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Surveys.

Construction Survey

Set-out Survey

Set-out surveys are used as a guide for construction and involve placing marks (i.e. pegs, stakes, nails in concrete) where structures, such as houses, are to be built.

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TerraModus Surveying is committed to performing surveys and providing professional services of the highest standard in the most cost-effective manner that satisfies our client's requirements. Learn More about our company →