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State Land Dealings

There are many reasons why you may be utilising or purchasing some State (government owned) land including permanently closing road or for conversion to freehold. Unfortunately there are times when people have not

Most state land is dealt with under the Land Act 1994, unlike Freehold land which is usually dealt with under the Land Title Act 1994. In most instances you will be dealing with the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) State Land section. As part of the assessment and approval (if granted) for the utilisation or purchase of state land there will be a list of conditions (similar to a development approval from a Council).

For some state land dealings, such as permits to occupy or temporary road closures, a survey is not required. However for dealings state such as for a permanent road closure or conversion to freehold, the land must be in a fully surveyed state. Therefore a survey and survey plan is required and this will be stated in the offer you receive from the government. We will require a copy of the offer to ensure we meet all the survey requirements.

We have extensive experience in state land dealings and can assist you with the state land application process.