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Building Format Subdivisions

Building format subdivisions are subdivisions in strata where there are two or mote lots and common property created. Examples may include high rise buildings (residential and/or commercial), units, townhouses, duplexes, industrial warehouses, resorts and retirement villages. Common property is the term for common areas, which depending on the development may include driveways, pathways, external stairs, lifts, pools, gardens, gyms etc.

The Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 provides for the establishment of community titles schemes over freehold land. To create a community titles scheme you will require a survey plan and a community management statement (CMS).

The survey involves locating the building/s with respect to the outer boundaries of the lot and measuring each of the lots, defining each of the areas of each lot (eg. balcony, carport), in each of the building levels, and defining the boundaries between the lots and the common property (the boundary usually consists of structural elements such as floors, walls, ceilings). Depending on the building/s and number of lots the survey can be quite complex.

TerraModus Surveying has extensive experience in building format subdivisions.