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Set-out Surveys

Set-out surveys are used as a guide for construction and involve placing marks (i.e. pegs, stakes, nails in concrete) where structures, such as houses, are to be built . However often in the course of construction these marks will be destroyed and so offset marks are often placed. Surveyors are often required at various times during a construction project to set out concrete slabs, footings, columns, utilities, roads etc.

It is advisable to have a set-out survey performed to assist the relevant trades during construction and ensure items are built according to the design and within the property boundaries, especially for small and/or steep lots.

There have been many cases in Queensland where houses/structures have been constructed over property boundaries. This often results in large costs and legal issues to rectify these situations.

If certification is required when setting out buildings or regarding the location of the buildings in relation to the property boundaries, then a Registered Cadastral Surveyors should be engaged. This is outlined in the Building Act 1975 and the Surveyors Board of Queensland guidelines.