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Lease & Easement Surveys

Leases and Easements are common secondary interests in land, meaning a land owner allows another person to utilise part of their land (and/or building) for a certain purpose. Surveys are required to define theses areas.

Lease Surveys

For a lease to register the area to be leased must be appropriately described. If part of a lot is to be leased, a survey is required to identify and mark the part of the land being leased and a survey plan (SP) must be prepared and lodged with the lease document. If part of a building is to be leased, the area must be appropriately defined and a sketch plan prepared in accordance with the Registrar of Titles Directions for the Preparation of Plans for inclusion in the lease documentation. We perform building lease area surveys including Net Lettable Area (NLA), Gross Lettable Area - Retail (GLAR) and Gross Lettable Area (GLA) in accordance with the Property Council of Australia’s Method for Measurement guidelines. If the the whole of a lot is to be leased, a survey or survey plan or sketch is not required.

Easement Surveys

Easement surveys are prepared between parties to allow the use of part of an allotment. For an easement document to register, the easement must be appropriately descibed on a survey plan. There are different types of easement surveys including service, right of way, access. It is common for easements to be created as part of a development approval, such as over Council infrastructure or for access to an adjoining lot. In those instances the easement/s are surveyed in conjunction with the subdivision survey.