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Contour and Detail Survey

Contour and Detail Surveys show the shape, features and services of a piece of land and are usually performed for design purposes prior to construction. This survey (sometimes known as a feature survey) will locate topographic features to generate contours over the site as well as any visible manmade structures ,  natural features and services.  Services searches are also performed to provide an indication of the location of underground services  that are not visible. Sometimes underground services are required to be located and if so, we can engage and work with an underground service locator.

Contour and detail surveys are also performed to accompany an application for a development to council when the land is steep, heavily vegetated or contains existing infrastructure requiring location. The survey will assist with the assessment and suitability of the proposed development. 

For urban parcels, the entire lot is usually surveyed while for large rural parcels, a contour and detail survey is often only required over the area where development/ building is proposed.

What features are usually located as part of a contour and detail survey?

  • Topographic features to generate contours over the site (i.e. ground surface levels, tops and toes of banks, changes of grade etc)
  • Existing buildings, driveways, fences and other manmade structures
  • Significant trees, creeks and other natural features
  • Visible Services (i.e. power, water, stormwater, telecommunications, sewer etc)
  • Road features adjoining the lot (i.e. kerb and channel, road signs)

As part of the survey a contour and detail survey plan will be produced as an AutoCAD drawing file (for your architect/building designer/engineer etc) and as a pdf plot.

Contour and detail surveys do not locate or mark the boundaries. Therefore it is highly recommended to have both a contour and detail survey and an identification survey performed prior to building on a property, especially if any structures are to be built on or near the property boundaries.