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Boundary Identification

An identification survey is a type of cadastral (land boundary) survey that identifies where the property boundaries of a title are located. An identification survey re-marks property corners (as marks may have been destroyed over time) and verifies property boundaries in relation to any improvements to make sure they are not encroaching onto the neighbouring parcel of land. Your parcel of land is probably one of your biggest investments so it is recommended you know where your boundaries are and therefore what you own.

Existing fences do not necessarily represent your boundaries! Fences may be a good indication of where a boundary may be but it is more common than not that fences have been built where people thought the boundary was and not where the boundary actually is.

Why would I need a boundary identification survey?

  • Purchasing a property (to know the extent of what you are buying and no encroachments exist)

  • Building a fence (so you can build on the boundary)

  • Building any structures on or near your property boundary (to ensure you build on your land)

  • To check for encroachments

As part of the boundary identification survey we will prepare an identification survey plan for you. This survey plan is a record of the survey performed and will show you the boundaries that have been re-marked as part of the survey. It is a legislative requirement for all Registered Cadastral Surveyors to prepare a survey plan and deposit a copy with the government as a record of the survey.