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When can the survey be performed?

We aim to perform the survey to meet your time frames and needs. The more notice you can give, the more likely we can fit in with your dates. Depending on our workloads at the time, we can usually schedule a new job within 2-4 weeks of being engaged to perform the survey. Sometimes we can fit smaller jobs in between larger jobs so if you are lucky the survey may able to be performed within a few days of being engaged. However please note we usually need at least 48 hours notice to prepare for the survey - obtaining government searches for the job and doing pre-field calculations.

For most surveys we only require access to the yard and you do not need to be home while the survey is being undertaken. For strata title surveys and building lease surveys we do require access into the house/building to measure the internal dimensions. For these surveys we can coordinate a suitable time for you and/or your tenants.