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How much will a survey cost?

We do not have a standard fee for performing a survey. The cost of the survey depends on many factors like the type of survey being performed, location of survey, size of parcel, previous survey work performed in the area, availability of survey marks in the area and type of vegetation on the parcel. These factors determine how long a survey will take which will influence the cost of the survey.

We believe we offer cost-effective surveying services. Our survey expenses can be itemised if you prefer such as for government survey searches and materials required for the survey. Accommodation and meals (if required) are charged at cost and therefore keeping your costs to a minimum.

TerraModus Surveying is happy to provide a free, no obligation quote for your survey requirements. Just contact us!

How long will the survey take?

Each survey is different. To give you an idea, a boundary identification survey on a standard residential lot in Cairns can usually be performed in the field in one day and the entire survey service including preparation, obtaining government searches, field survey, plan drafting and quality assurance may take only one week. Whereas a rural subdivision in heavily vegetated country may take several days or even weeks in the field and several days in survey preparation, searches, plan drafting and quality assurance.

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