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Who is a Registered Surveyor? Do I need to use one?

A Registered Surveyor is someone who has been assessed as having the correct qualifications and being competent to perform surveys by the Surveyors Board of Queensland. Surveys performed by Registered Surveyors are carried out in a professional, competent manner meeting the appropriate current legislation, standards and guidelines. Registered Surveyors with a Consulting Endorsement can consult with the public and they have been assessed in business practices and carry the appropriate professional insurances.   

Registered Surveyors are required to adhere to a Professional Code of Practice and are also required to demonstrate their competency each year through continual professional development.

TerraModus Surveying is a Consulting Cadastral Surveyor and carries all the appropriate insurances (including professional indemnity and public liability) to perform cadastral (land boundary) surveys.

By using a Registered Surveyor you know they have been assessed by the Surveyors Board of Queensland as being competent in their area of expertise. Today to be deemed competent surveyors are required to complete a four year Bachelor of Surveying Degree (or similar) and further complete a number of surveys/projects to demonstrate their competency (usually takes a minimum of two years) as well as have a professional interview with the Surveyors Board.

You may have been told you need a Licensed Surveyor - this term is no longer current in Queensland. The correct term, by legislation today, is a Registered Cadastral Surveyor or a Consulting Cadastral Surveyor. The term Registered was introduced to also recognise the other surveying specialties such as Engineering, Mining and Hydrographic. Land Surveyors or Cadastral Surveyors are still the most commonly Registered Surveyor.

Ensure you use a Registered Consulting Cadastral Surveyor!

Check any surveyors registration status with the Surveyors Board of Queensland.

To protect the Queensland Titling System and land cadastre only a Registered Cadastral Surveyor can legally carry out land boundary surveys such as land subdivisions and boundary identification surveys.