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Where do I lodge my plan?

The Titles Registry is located in the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME). Survey plans (SP Barcoded plans) can be lodged at any DNRME Service Centres around Queensland. The DNRME Cairns Service Centre is located at William McCormack Place II, 4th Floor, 5B Sheridan Street, Cairns.

For freehold survey plans (SPs) you need to lodge the survey plan with associated documents and pay the appropriate lodgement fee. The survey plan will nearly always be accompanies by other documents and forms, depending on the proposed plan actions.

For state land survey plans you should forward the original survey plan to the DNRME State Land Officer responsible for your case who will lodge the survey plan and associated forms and documents on your behalf.

It is important to note that the original survey plan MUST NOT be bent, creased, marked, stapled or damaged (otherwise it may not be accepted by the Department). The plan may be loosely rolled. The survey plan must be lodged into the Department within 6 months of endorsement by the local council (if required).

Identification survey plans  (IS barcoded plans) are deposited into the DNRME survey archives by TerraModus Surveying on your behalf. There is no fee to lodge these plans as there is no transaction into the Titles Registry. Identification survey plans are a public record of the survey performed and the marks placed. You are provided with a copy of the IS plan.